What technically distinguishes “lettering” from calligraphy is that lettering is edited and worked over as one would struggle with any sort of drawing. Being trained in traditional drawing and painting, I am interested in the visible struggle over form and color, which, in graphic design, is often obliterated when sketches are digitized.

I painted these drop capitals from wooden letters hung on my studio wall in various light and weather conditions. They are available to all in the spirit of Jessica Hische's Daily Drop Cap project.

Copy this code into the beginning of your text, substituting the letter you need for the X in both DropCapX and alt=“X”:

<img src="http://daifoldes.com/images/dropcaps/DropCapX.png" title="Painted Drop Cap by Dai Foldes" align="left" alt="X">

Remember to remove the original text leter you are replacing.