Eubie Script

A casual semi-connected script, Eubie Script's letterforms rise and drop to create surprising word shapes, helped by position-specific ligatures and contextual alternates. With tenacious rhythm and dynamic connections, Eubie Script gives power to your headings and overlays.

Eubie Script is brought to you by Dai Foldes and available in OTF for desktop and WOFF/EOT for web.

A playful, bouncing baseline gives words set in Eubie Script unique shapes and references traditional hand-lettering.

Eubie Script’s bounce, ligatures, and semi-connected structure produce flirtatious letter interactions and exciting negative shapes.

All lowercase letters — even ligatures and accented characters — have multiple context-specific alternates to create rhythm and balance.

Eubie Script supports all Latin-1 languages. Never be at a loss to properly render the latest deposed president’s name.

To meet its aesthetic goals, Eubie Script draws from the many lettering styles of Harry Knorr, an artist at Globe Poster for over 50 years. The script's contours are drawn (impossible to write with any tool) like the work of Knorr, who occasionally cut his captions directly into the printing linoleum backwards without preliminary sketching.

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